Free Unlimited Service for First Responder Agencies

T Mobile First Responder

T-Mobile is making a 10-year commitment to providing First Responder Agencies across the country the ability to get free unlimited talk, text, and smartphone data with 5G access.

How It Works:

  • Eligible agencies include state or local police & sheriff, fire, and emergency medical services that support one of the following:

    • Cities

    • Counties

    • States

    • Districts or municipalities

    • Tribal

  • You must maintain active government duty employees in one of the following:

    • Police, fire, or emergency medical services first responders

    • Public safety or law enforcement command

    • Police, sheriff, fire, or emergency medical services

    • Police or fire chiefs and their staff

    • Police or fire field command

    • Police or fire dispatch

  • You must establish a business account in the name of the state or local government agency